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Gator News

Congratulations Mrs. Egan on being named an Instructional Coach & Mrs. Da Silva on becoming a Numeracy Coach for #WCDSBAwesome.

We will miss you but remember, “once a Gator, always a Gator”!

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Gator Gab

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the school year ends, I again wish to thank you for your trust in working with you and your child(ren).  Over the past six years, I have had my heart filled with joy, hope and humility as I have been privileged to be the principal of this great school.  It is with pride and excitement that I share with you that Mr. Jeff Dinner will be the principal of Our Lady of Grace.  I have known Mr. Dinner for many years and know him to be a man of great principles, kindness and enthusiasm for learning.  He will be a wonderful advocate for our Gators.  Thank you for your support over the years and I will always have a special place in my heart for this community.


School Council

Thank you to the OLOG community for supporting our Family Mass.  At our May 30th School Council Meeting, a representative of Blue Imp presented to us on our next steps for building a new creative playground.  This is a process that is going to take a few years.  Information will be shared with families/students as we journey through the process.  Our next meeting is on Wednesday, June 20 @ 6:30 p.m.  As always, everyone is welcome to attend.



Grade 8 graduation takes place on Tuesday, June 26th at 6:00 p.m. in the school gymnasium.  Following the ceremony, the graduates will be heading to Brunswick Bowl for an evening of bowling.  Congratulations to all our graduates and good luck at St. Mary’s.


The Library Corner

Library Closure and Inventory – As the end of the school year approaches, so too do the end of class visits to the school library.  This year, all books are due back to the library by Friday, June 8th.  After that, there will be no more library visits as the library books will be inventoried to track down any missing books before the end of the school year.  Our Lady of Grace staff, students and families have done an excellent job in past years of returning library books at the end of the year and helping search for missing books.  Please help us continue that trend by encouraging your child(ren) to return books by June 8th and watch for our “Wanted” list after inventory.  With your help, we can maintain the wonderful treasure that is our school library!


Cross Country

Congratulations to all 16 of our cross-country runners who not only showed grit and determination during our practices but also demonstrated fantastic team spirit as they cheered each other on during our meet on May 30.


School Track Meet – Grades 4 – 8

Our Lady of Grace could not have asked for a more perfect day in May for the school track meet.  The sun was shining and the temperature was just perfect.  The students of Grace put forth an outstanding effort as they streaked down the track to the finish line in their races and soared through the air in long jump and high jump.  The students also flexed their powerful muscles participating in the shot put and ball push events.  Spectators watching our school were amazed at our students’ camaraderie as they cheered vociferously for all their peers and behaved impeccably, showing respect for each other and the wonderful St. David’s facility.

We wish those students who are moving on to the Family of Schools meet the best of luck.  We know you will make us proud!


Junior Boys’ Baseball

Looking forward to a great baseball tournament on June 14th!  The junior boys are working hard at practices to get ready for our afternoon of fun!  Go, Gators!


Intermediate Soccer

Intermediate soccer will be training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at lunch until our tournament on June 20, 2018.  The students are practising their passing skills, ball possession, technical footwork and communication with teammates.  These skills will develop and improve confidence both on the pitch and off.  Let’s go, Gators!


Mudpuppy Chase

Thank you to all families who participated in running the 3K Mudpuppy Chase.  The Mudpuppy Chase Road Race is a family friendly race that takes place at the David Johnston Research & Technology Park every May.  The event is put on by the Kitchener-Grand River Rotary and all proceeds go to helping children’s charities in the Waterloo Region.  Many families from Our Lady of Grace showed up to run through the trail at Columbia Ice Fields.  Our team raised $965.00 to support Kids Ability.  Way to go, Gators!!  We look forward to next year’s race team and raising even more money for community partners.  No running experience necessary!


Eco Team News

Our Ecoteam is coming to an end for the 2017/2018 school year and what a successful first year it was!  Our students were engaged and involved in the many campaigns we ran to raise school wide awareness about a variety of environmental issues and initiatives.  This week, we will complete our “5 R’s” campaign which will be the final one for the year.  Students had the opportunity to research, make posters and slides, and write announcement scripts to read over the PA system.

Our students were so dedicated this year and we thank all of them for coming out and staying so active in the club!


2018 Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart Event

Jump Overall Winner: Ms. Manley

Hoops Overall Class Winner: Mrs. Griffith


Individual Jump Winners:

Julia K., Aria W., Westley R., Brooklyn R., Sophie P. and Emily P.


Individual Hoops Winners:

James M., Lindsay M., Cole M. and Liam C.


Overall Total: $4,500 (surpassing our goal by $500)


Special thank you to our amazing Heart Healthy Team of grade eights (Gabi, Harold, Hayden, Mabel, Brody, Eunsol, Owen and Rebecca) for all your hard work on this event.

Way to go to all Gators and their families for your awesome support of this very worthwhile cause!!



OCSGE – I Have Ideas

Our May focus for our Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations was “I Have Ideas.  The recipients who most demonstrated these qualities are:

Tatiana A., Sam A., Anthony A., Daniel A., Marissa B., Harold B., Ben C., Savannah C.J., Sophia C., Ameliah C., Sofia C.F., Elijah D., Lucas D., Nikolas E., Tessa F., Sebastian F.C., Matias G.V., Addison H., Ben H., Marlie H., Kal-el H., Evan H., Nyanza L., Brent M., Steven M., Dylan M.U., Bogdan M., Nicole M.R., Carlos P.C., Mark S., Logan S., Tiago S., Lucia S., Rayden S.I., Nimkii S., Surayyah S., Maxine T., Ryley T., Naod T., William T., Andres T., Jacobo V., Diego V., Isis V.M., Jacob W., Noah Z.



Please contact us ASAP if you are registering your child for kindergarten or if you are moving and will not be returning to OLOG in the fall.  We need this information to ensure we have proper student placement and appropriate staffing.

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Divisional News

Early Years

June is a time to review our mathematical concepts.  There will be opportunities to bring our math learning outdoors and compare capacity at the water table and in the sand pit.  Our school yard provides us with opportunities to explore linear measurement and practise our estimation skills (e.g., How many bean bags would it take to measure the length of the bench at the baseball diamond? How many pinecones tall do you think the plant is?).  Exploring the properties of 2D geometric shapes and 3D solids indoors and outdoors, conducting surveys and graphing the results and further developing our addition and subtraction skills are other areas of mathematical learning for the month of June.  In Language, we are learning about vowel sound combinations and word families (e.g., -at, -an, -in).  We are using rhyming skills to identify and spell words that belong in each word family.  Sight word recognition, blending sounds and breaking down words into their individual parts so we can print them in our stories are ongoing areas of focus.  We are also labelling our pictures in writing and learning to write for a purpose (e.g., an invitation, a greeting card).   A trip to Brantford Zoo will provide us with an opportunity to see some of the animals we have been researching in our group animal research projects.  This month’s Catholic Graduate Expectation is “I am a Learner for Life.”  Students learn to set goals and use their gifts and talents given to them by God.  SK graduation will be Wednesday, June 20th at 1:30 p.m. in the gym. More information will follow.


Primary Division

In Writing, Mrs. Loveday and Ms. Manley’s classes will focus on writing a descriptive paragraph using the success criteria, teacher feedback and peer editing skills.  In Reading, the grade one and one/two classes will use the strategies to deepen their comprehension of fiction and non-fiction text.  Strategies such as “Skippy the frog” allow students to skip over the word, re-read the sentence and then go back to the unfamiliar word using the text and illustrations as clues.  In Mathematics, students will begin exploring the concept of mass and capacity using non-standard units.  Students will estimate, measure and describe the mass and capacity of objects and compare, describe and order objects using attributes measured in non-standard units.  Sample investigations include: investigating how much a container will hold using a variety of sizes of scoops, measuring and describing the capacity of a variety of different containers, exploring the relationship between the size of a unit and the number of units needed.  The grade two/three and three classes are exploring non-fiction reading and writing through their exploration of the social studies unit on Living and Working in Ontario (grade three) and Global Communities (grade two).  They are using text features such as: captions, headings, table of contents and glossaries to research facts about Ontario.  Not all information has come from texts; PebbleGo and Virtual Learning on the board’s website also give students access to information.  In Mathematics, students are enjoying games involving spinners, dice and coloured tiles.  Who knew probability could be so much fun!


Junior Division

Students in the Junior Division are consolidating their learning as our school year ends.  All grades will focus on probability in the month of June.  In grade four, students predict the frequency of an outcome and investigate how the number of repetitions of an experiment affect the conclusions drawn.  In grade five, students begin to represent the possibility of an outcome using fractional notations and in grade six, theoretical probability is introduced as ratios of favourable outcomes to the total number of possible outcomes.  Students are noticing the connections between the various strands in mathematics and how these strands occur in their daily lives.  Students have been using stated and implied ideas within a text to make inferences.  This month, they will be applying their inferring skills within the Media Literacy strand.  This strand looks closely at various forms of media text and their messages.  Students must think critically when studying these forms to respond to and use them effectively.  In Mrs. DaSilva’s class, students will identify the characteristics of different media forms and will choose an appropriate form to suit the specific purpose.  Both Mrs. Weinstein’s and Mrs. Renda’s classes will examine various forms of non-fiction texts to produce engaging presentations.  Students in Mrs. Egan’s class will interpret media texts using the overt and implied messages given to support their thinking.


Intermediate Division

The Intermediate Division is working on probability.  The development of students’ mathematical reasoning through the study of probability is essential in daily life.  Probability represents real-life mathematics and connects many areas of mathematics, particularly counting and geometry.  An understanding of probability theory is essential in understanding politics, weather reports, genetics, sports and insurance policies.  Students will be determining the theoretical probability of a specific outcome involving two independent events and comparing experimental probabilities with the theoretical probability.  In Language, the intermediates are continuing to work on inferencing by improving their questioning skills to develop deeper thinking.  In order to achieve this, they will be using a Q-chart as a reference model.  They will be applying this skill as a part of the writing process through their inquiry assignments in the content areas (e.g., Science, History, Geography) and as they analyze various media techniques.

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