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Divisional News

Early Years

During March, we continue our Lenten journey.  We will share our Lenten promises as we walk with Jesus for the next 40 days.  We are learning and practising the prayers of the Rosary (i.e., Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be) and learning about the Resurrection Eggs to retell the Easter Story.  In Numeracy, we will explore money through games, songs, literacy, artwork and play activities.  Students will be invited to create their own surveys, collect data and display the results in charts and graphs.  We will also review positional words (e.g., over, under, beside, top, bottom, in front of, etc.).  In Literacy, we continue practising sight words, letters and sounds of the week.  We are introducing different types of punctuation (e.g., question and exclamation marks), reviewing the purpose of a period in a sentence and adding descriptive details to our writing.  We will also practise story retell by sequencing story events using “first”, “next” and “last” language.  Please continue reading daily with your child to strengthen his/her letter, sound and sight word recognition.


Primary Division

The primary division will deepen our understanding of three-dimensional geometry this month.  In grade one, students learn to identify three-dimensional figures (cubes, cones, cylinders and spheres) and describe the figures using informal language (e.g., a sphere is round all over; a cone has a pointy part).  In grade two, students develop a deeper understanding of the properties of three-dimensional figures by focussing their attention on the faces, edges and vertices of the figures.  Students in grade three are introduced to nets of three-dimensional figures and learn that nets are composed of two-dimensional shapes that can be folded to create three-dimensional figures.  In Literacy, Mrs. Loveday’s and Ms. Manley’s classes will be looking at the “Questioning” comprehension strategy.  The children will be taught to ask questions about what they are reading before, during and after reading to help ensure they are understanding the text and are engaged in it.  In Mrs. Whiteford’s and Ms. Zettel’s classes, students will work on the elements of paragraph and narrative writing with a focus on topic development. The boys and girls will gather ideas using a graphic organizer and develop those ideas using examples from their background knowledge. The Grade threes and twos will also explore contractions, word choice and commas during literacy blocks.


Junior Division

As a division, our current literacy focus is reading and responding to increasingly complex texts.  As we read these texts, we respond in a variety of ways using different comprehension strategies such as making connections and inferring and determining main ideas.  Students are learning to use evidence to support their thinking with specific details to create well-rounded responses.  In Writing, we are focussing on understanding the characteristics of written pieces.  Characteristics of a text form refers to the organizational features that are included; for example, non-fiction writing typically contains headings, pictures and factual (true) information.  When we write, we use this information to plan our pieces which is an important step in the writing process that allows authors to generate ideas and organize details and information.

Research shows that revisiting concepts in math helps students retain information and build connections between the strands.  While we do focus on a specific strand in our daily lessons, your child engages in all strands throughout the year through incidental math, Number and Fraction Talks as well as practising our math facts.  Junior students are deepening their understanding of fractions through many activities that have them exploring equivalency, mixed numbers, decimals and percentages.  In grade four, students will be introduced to equivalent fractions and decimals.  Grade five students will review equivalent fractions and be introduced to mixed numbers.  Students in grade six will use their knowledge of fractions and decimals to move into an understanding of percentages.


Intermediate Division

In the intermediate division, students continue to work with the seven key processes in mathematics (problem solving, reasoning and proving, reflecting, selecting tools and computational strategies, connecting, representing and communicating). Students use these processes when learning new concepts and procedures, practising skills and solving problems.

This month, the focus is on ‘selecting tools and computational strategies’.  Students need to develop the ability to select the appropriate electronic tools, manipulatives and computational strategies to perform mathematical tasks, to investigate mathematical ideas and to solve problems. Using manipulatives and/or technology helps them understand new concepts for communicating or perform certain tasks efficiently.  We are working with fractions by comparing and ordering, creating equivalent fractions and performing operations to solve real-life problems. Students are using CLIPS (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports in Mathematics) as well as OERB (Ontario Educational Resource Bank) lessons and resources and various Gizmos (e.g., Fraction Garden – Comparing Fractions) to build, facilitate and enhance learning of fractions through games, interactive videos and online manipulatives.

In Language, the intermediates continue to work on report writing.  They are gathering facts to create unbiased news reports and will be sharing this information in written and oral forms.  Students will be presenting their material in the most suitable way to reach a specific audience.

As part of the Reading programme, Mr. Amorim’s class is looking at specific character traits used in fictional text.  Ms. Carvalho’s students are continuing with their independent novel study with a focus on theme.  In Mrs. Griffith’s class, students are experiencing the many forms information takes when presented in a newspaper.

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