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Gator Gab

The Library Corner

What does Blue Spruce and Silver Birch mean? It is Forest of Reading time!  Continuing this month in the library, students will have the opportunity to join one of the Ontario Library Association’s recreational reading programmes.  Students who join will read as many of this year’s nominated books as they can and then vote for their favourite.  Their votes, along with those of thousands of other students from across Ontario, will determine the winners of this year’s Blue Spruce (primary grades) and Silver Birch (junior grades) awards!  For more information about the program and this year’s nominees check out the website at:

OLA Forest of Reading – accessola

I Read Canadian Book Challenge. Calling all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to get reading! The Forest of Reading staff are challenging young readers.


Save the Date…On Friday, March 23rd, Our Lady of Grace will be hosting our second Fiction Festival!  It will be a day full of activities for all grades celebrating literacy and the love of reading.  We will also be hosting a FUNdraiser that evening at Chapters which all Our Lady of Grace friends and family are invited to.  More details about this exciting event to follow in the next newsletter but for now, please mark your calendars and keep the evening of March 23rd open to join us at Chapters!


We Team

The WE Team is having a meeting on January 31 to discuss future initiatives.  Please keep an eye out for upcoming events and opportunities to support your Gator WE Team!


Boys’ Basketball

The boys’ intermediate basketball team are practising extremely hard each week to prepare for their tournament at St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School on Friday, February 23rd.   We wish them an outstanding tournament!


Knights of Columbus Basketball Free Throw Challenge

Knights of Columbus basketball free throw winners have been finalized.  The top two males and females in each grade will be moving on to participate in the Family of Schools tournament on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 at St. David’s Catholic Secondary School in Waterloo.   If a student is unable to make it on that weekend, the next student to qualify will take his or her place.

Thank you to everyone who participated and best of luck to our qualifiers at St. David’s!


Girls’ Volleyball

The Intermediate Girls’ Volleyball are looking forward to representing Grace at our tournament on February 26th, 2018.  Go Gators!


Eco Team News

Boomerang Lunches:

Did you know each year Ontario students generate 30 kgs of waste EACH!  That means, Our Lady of Grace school generated about 9300 Kgs of waste last year because of what we brought in our lunch bags!  Our Eco Team thinks we can do better.  We now have Boomerang Lunches on Tuesday where any garbage that comes in a lunch bag gets sent back home.  It is our hope that instead of just sending the garbage back, we can reduce the amount.  For some tips on how to prepare a “Waste Free Lunch”, please visit

Lights Out Campaign

Mrs. Weinstein’s Grade 4/5 challenged the school to see how long each class can keep their lights out during the day.  Stay tuned to see which class made the best use of our biggest and brightest light source: THE SUN!

The Great Backyard Bird Count

The National Audubon Society needs your help and it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Between February 16-19, go into your backyard for 15 minutes each day and count the number of birds you see.  Enter your location and the number onto the site:

You will help scientists understand what is happening to bird populations in Kitchener and around the world.  This information gives scientists key insight into issues such as climate change, bird diversity and migration patterns.


OCSGE – I Have a Voice

Our January focus for our Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations wasI Have a Voice”.  The recipients who most demonstrated these qualities are:

Zam A., Tiago A., Dominik A., Juan A., Paige A., Mussie A., Naomi A., Morgan B., Tristan C., Charlotte C., Sara C.F., Nicole D., Dallas D., Patricia F., Malachi F., Agnes H., Milo H., Connor H., Brooke H., Milovan K., Eric K., Alex K., Steven L., Cristiano L., Lindsay M., Ava M., Hayden M., Alena M., Naomy N., Natan N., Elizabeth P., Mark P., Daniel P., Logan P., Cassy P., Milena R., Chelsea S., Benjamin S., Noah T., Antonio T., Aria W.

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