Gator Gab – Our First Week at a Glance – Week #1 – Sept. 2-6, 2019

Welcome Back Gators! Below is a peak at some important information items followed by our Week ahead …

Welcome back Gators to a new year of learning together!  We have had a wonderful summer filled with great weather and hopefully the chance to re-energize and rest for the upcoming school year!  This first week of school is one that will be filled with lots of laughter, smiles and love … and we can’t forget new learning! Students will be engaged in various activities including lots of team building exercises that will have the students learning their new class routines, bonding with their classmates and setting the foundation for a memorable 2019-20 school year!

Welcome to New and Returning Staff Team Members:

We welcome many new Gators here to Our Lady of Grace School, both as the year ended with new JK Registrations and as well, these past 2 weeks as students from around the world, in several grades, selected Our Lady of Grace as their new school – AWESOME!  We are confident they will feel welcome and loved. In addition to new students, we would like to welcome the following new staff members to our school community: Mrs. Davey (JK/SK Teacher) and Mrs. Michaelides (RECE), Mrs. Poulin (Primary Planning Time), Mrs. Pagett (Gr. 5/6), Mr. Sullivan (Gr. 4/5) and Mr. Murray (CYCW). We are also welcome back: Mr. Hoover (Gr. 2/3), Mrs. Farrell (Gr. 3/4), Mrs. DaSilva and Mrs. Panunto (Gr. 1/2)

Stay Connected to What is Happening at OLOG – Communication is important to us!

  1. Sign up for Newswire at our school website – the link is and allows you to receive monthly newsletters, updates from Council, reminders about what is happening at the school (e.g., hot lunch days, pizza days, spirit wear deadlines, etc.). Signing up is EASY!  Enter your email and you will receive a confirmation that you are connected!

  1. Register for School Cash Online at There are many updates, permissions forms and opportunities for you to pay online securely with a credit card or an e-cheque. If you are hesitant about paying online, we would ask that you register to receive the updates and information.  We are shooting for 100% participation! CASH is also accepted for any school events.

  1. Follow us on Twitter! @OLOGGators

We often post pictures or news items “in the moment” or as soon as possible – to keep you up to date with what is happening in and around our school community!  We have an AWESOME COMMUNITY and we want to share great moments as they happen.

Important Safety Reminders – Bus Safety Loading Zone and Safe Schools Measures 

The Front of our School is a NO Parking BUS ZONE – All of our students who are NOT on a bus, live close enough to the school to walk. If you feel the need to drive your child, please ensure you do so in the designated area on Gracefield Crescent… this is the 2 long sections of Gracefield on either side of the bend or our Safety Bus Loading and Unloading Zone. Do not round the bend to temporarily park, drop off or pick up as this is a high safety zone as indicated by the NO Parking Signs and tickets issued. If you are walking your child to/from school, kindly use the path that runs along the Kindergarten area and avoid walking through the parking lot.  Dogs, even on a leash, are not permitted on the school yard. Please wait a short distance from the school and meet your child if you are walking your dog. Below are some other key safety measures needed to ensure the safety of our students is a priority at OLOG School. Thanks for your understanding and support!

  • VOLUNTEERS IN THE SCHOOL: We welcome and encourage volunteers in our school. As a Catholic school system, we value the additional expertise and the positive school/community partnerships fostered by volunteers. Our school requires a police record check every year for regular volunteers. See the office for a letter to assist with the cost.
  • SCHOOL AGENDAS: All students from Grades 1-8 have or will receive a Student Agenda. The cost of the agendas are $3.00 per agenda. The student agenda enables the student to learn valuable organizational skills and it is often used as an important communication tool between parents and teacher. It also contains our School Handbook, Dress Code, Code of Conduct and other important information. Please review the school handbook pages at the front of you child’s student agenda so that we can work together to promote a positive and safe school environment for all. Parents are asked to review this first section in the planner with their child(ren).
  • PICKING UP STUDENTS EARLY: If you are picking up your child early from school, please ensure there is a note in your child’s agenda. The office will page the child for you and you can meet them in the office area. Adults picking up children MUST sign them out of the office.
  • SAFE AND SECURE SCHOOLS: To ensure the safety and well being of all students, visitors, parents, guardians and others MUST report to the main office and obtain a Visitor’s ID Badge if you wish to proceed beyond the main office. A pass can be obtained by signing in at the office. Remember, parents and visitors, etc. are NOT permitted to be on the school yard during recess and lunch breaks. Please report to the office.
  • PEANUT AND NUT FREE ENVIRONMENT: We have students and staff who suffer from anaphylaxis. We ask that you DO NOT send any food items that contain peanuts or nut products to school OR any peanut butter substitute. While there are products that look like peanut butter, smell and taste like peanut butter but are not made of peanuts or nuts, we ask that you DO NOT send these products to school. We are not able to differentiate between real and “fake” peanut butter therefore are not allowed at school.
  • YARD SUPERVISION: We will continue to have supervision on the yard at 8:40 am. Students are welcome to arrive to school anytime AFTER supervision begins in the morning. Again, the safety of your children is our prime concern.
  • SAFE ARRIVAL: The school has a “Safe Arrival Program” in cooperation with parents to ensure the safety of students. It is important that a parent/guardian telephone the school (519-745-3961) whenever their child will be late for or absent from class.  The answering machine is available 24/7.  If we are unaware why the child is not at school, we will contact the parent / guardian at home and/or work. We will also try the 3rd Contact you have indicated for your child. If we are still unable to reach an adult to confirm that the child is safe, we will  need to call the police to get their assistance re ensuring the safety of our students.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD TO SCHOOL – WE CAN NOT SERVE IT TO YOUR CHILD’S CLASSROOM: In consideration of our parent’s wishes (making the decisions with regard to what their child consumes at school without surprises) and in concert with The WCDSB Anaphylaxis and Nutritional Safety Guidelines, we are not able to hand out food in your child’s classroom that is dropped off at the school. We do something special for each child on their birthday and know you will do something special at home. Thanks for your support of this important safety measure. If you have any questions, please contact the office or your child’s teacher.

Meet the Teacher Night – Tuesday, Sept. 17th

Please join us on Tuesday, September 17th for our annual Meet the Teacher Night. Our AWESOME School Council is working on finalizing plans but we plan on having food available for families to come and eat (i.e. PIZZA – approx. 5:00-6:00 PM) and then  Parents/guardians and students are then invited to visit their classrooms from 6:00-7:00 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to connect with other wonderful community members. More information will follow shorty …


Monday, September 2nd

  • Labour Day – No School Today

Tuesday, September 3rd

  • First Day of School for 2019/20 School Year: WELCOME!  Watch for School Start Up Forms being sent electronically today via School Cash Online.  Forms must be completed by September 9th — Please log in/register to School Cash Online at:  For instructions on setting up a new account, please see attached link: SCO Registration Instructions
  • Bus Assembly for busing students 3 PM – to ensure a smooth first day home

Wednesday, September 4th

  • Spirit Day – wear your Gator clothing or our Gator Colours to show your school spirit (New Spirit Wear Orders coming soon!)

Thursday, September 5th

  • Bus Patrol Meeting First Recess

Friday, September 6th

  • All On-line Consent and Important Start Up Forms are due Monday – please attend to these forms on the weekend if not completed already

LOOKING AHEAD BEYOND THIS WEEK … Please Mark these dates in your calendar

  • September 9, 2019 – School Start Up Forms due today
  • September 10, 2019 – School Council Meeting to CLOSE last years events/planning – 6:30 pm in the Library
  • September 17, 2019 – Meet the Teacher Night – 6:00 – 7:00 pm … More information to follow …
  • September 19, 2019 – WE Day in Toronto
  • September 20, 2019 – PD Day
  • September 23 – Fire Drill Week – 3 Drills to run between Sept. 23-27th
  • September 26, 2019 – Terry Fox Walk/Run For Cancer – PM (Rain Date (Fri., Sept. 27th – PM)