Great First Week Gator Nation!

As we look to gather today on our very first Friday (TGIF) of this school year, we want to thank our #ologawesome students, parents, staff and bus drivers for a great first week! Lots of smiles were witnessed as were lots of great learning and friendship moments were experienced – GREAT! And this is just the beginning of more to come! We look forward to calling out our students with BIRTHDAYS since the start of September and presenting them with a special card and treat on this special day! This is a tradition we do each Friday for the birthdays in the school that week and we love to celebrate this special moment, alongside our families!


Reminder: Daily Covid-19 BLUE Screening Sheet Due at School Today 

Students and Staff Daily Self Screen – Don’t forget to send your child’s BLUE Screening Sheet in TODAY and Next Week

Parents and guardians have been doing great at performing daily screening with and for their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.

The BLUE SHEET is a mandatory protocol for the first 2 weeks of school to establish this important routine. Then it is to happen each day following such that if your child comes to school, our staff knows you have screened them for safety. Again, thanks for partnering with us to keep schools OPEN during this pandemic! And please follow the directions of the assessment tool should you receive a “DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL.” message.

REMINDER – The screening tool link can always be found on the HOMEPAGE of our OLOG Website. it is a blue line or bottom front and center at the top of our home page.

Covid-19 Student Screening Sheet


Bus Update – Bus #98, #99, and #147 – Thanks ALL!

A shout out to our wonderful BUS DRIVERS – THANKS! And as well to our students, parents and staff for what has been an action packed first week with lots of new registrations and students being added to our buses daily. Our Teachers are careful to assist students at home time and Mrs. Morey and I are working with Transportation to add students needing transportation each day. Finally, amazing Support Staff Team assists our students both in the morning and at the end of the day ensuring they are on the right bus for a safe trip home. Some much needed changes to seating plans are needed and as most if not all students will be added on by today, we can look at finalizing better bus seating plans going forward. Again, thanks for your patience and support and please let us know if there are any concerns or changes needed.

We thanks ALL in our community for remembering that … The BIG THREE ARE KEY!

  1. Masks

  2. Hand Hygiene

  3. Physical Distancing

We are so very proud of our OLOG Gator School Community and are excited as this new school year gets fully underway – continued blessings Gator Families and be safe!


Mr. Dinner and our wonderful OLOG Staff Team