Valentine’s Day Reminder – Wear RED, WHITE or PINK tomorrow and bring your best DANCE MOVES for our Dance-a-thon

Valentines Day

A few important reminders as we recognize Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Students are encouraged to wear the colours Red, Pink, and/or White for Valentine’s Day. Also, please remember that students are more than welcome to bring Valentine’s to give to their fellow classmates. If your child chooses to do so, please encourage them to ensure they have a Valentine for each of their classmates. Lastly, parents are reminded that we are not permitted to randomly serve food items to our students and we must not accept food items sent to school for this purpose.  As previously communicated, all homemade baked goods or store purchased treats are not permitted at school to minimize the risk for students with allergic and anaphylactic needs. For safety, and as it relates to the Anaphylaxis and Nutritional Board Policies, we support our parent’s wishes to know about and decide what their children are eating during their time at school. Thanks for your understanding re this important matter!

Valentine’s Day has roots in our Catholic Faith Tradition and St. Valentine is someone you may want to learn more about!

Please see the link below that touches on how he served God and why some of our Valentine’s Day traditions today, may have gotten their origins from this wonderful person and Saint.

We are certainly looking forward to a GREAT DAY in the SWAMP tomorrow!

Term #1 Report Cards GO HOME Today 

Please take a moment to look at your child’s report card and dialogue with them about their successes or strengths (subjects they did well in) and as well, those subjects or areas where some goal setting and next steps are needed. Also note their Learning Skills and Work Habits … is there areas to work on related to organization or initiative? Term #2 is just beginning and is a fresh start in all subjects and it would be wonderful to see our students working hard to succeed and grow in their learning – thanks for your support!

Job Action – See Report Card Letter re Changes

WCDSB Labour Updates

Our Gator Staff is AWESOME and we understand and support all during this challenging time! Please see attached letter that speaks to some of the job action changes to the report card during this 1st Term Report Card.

Report Card Letter – Term 1 – Job Action


FREE Event – Please Check your Cash-online Account to Confirm Gator Guest Speaker Night – Next Week in our GATOR GYM …

Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 2020 from 6:30-8:00 pm

Paul Davis Photo

School Cash On Line


Please check your Cash-online Account to confirm if you are able to attend this special event in our GYM next week.

We look forward to our very special evening here at OLOG School and extend our thanks to our wonderful School Parent Council for helping to coordinate this night through a ministry PRO Grant – Thanks OLOG Council!

Paul Davis is an internationally renowned speaker and expert re the topic of Social Media, Internet Safety and best practice parenting tips as we support our kids and teenagers who go online. We adults will learn many great things for living on line also (i.e. passwords, privacy, etc.).

This event is definitely one you will not want to miss! We hope to see you there!