Just a quick note to say we are all thinking of your families during this difficult time and we are hoping all of you are keeping well and safe.  A special thank you to all of our super courageous health care providers as well as all those who are working in essential services right now to keep our families and communities going during these challenging times, Thanks!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Gator Technology Access Survey …

We want ALL of our students to have access to technology at home so that they may participate in the learning going forward and the Ministry and School Boards are working on a plan to try to make this happen … Please complete the following survey to help us ensure our students have access to TECHNOLOGY AT HOME – Our Sincere Thanks! 

Survey Link:


AT HOME Student Learning Framework … during “Physical Isolation”

This is an unprecedented time for us as a staff and as a school, as a board and as a province there is a great deal to consider as we try to move to teacher-led distance learning for the foreseeable future. All levels are aware that there is much to consider and many variables at play – equity being just one of many. Over the next two weeks we will be working with staff towards teacher-led distance learning. At the end of the two weeks we hope to have a more formal understanding of the expectations for teacher-led learning and assessment from the Ministry of Education. 

As directed by the Ministry and School Boards, we are providing you with the 2 key resources offered to support at this time. You will find them helpful so that our students may participate in some great learning moments and/or challenges over these next 2 weeks. As stated, a more formal plan is being worked on at the Ministry Level to begin April 6th and beyond. Please understand that you are not expected to engage your child in all of the activities provided below but rather set aside a little time each day to use these resources as you see fit and as we create new routines in our households during this time of “physical isolation.” Again, the 2 key resources provided at this time are directly linked below: #STEAMDays AND Learn at Home.




Additionally, I have included the fact sheets about COVID-19 in different languages for our newcomers is also available at

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Our Lady of Grace Gator Staff Team