Dear Parents/Guardians:

Today your child is bringing home his/her Progress Report Card.

The Progress Report contains an assessment of your child’s progress in relation to the Ontario Curriculum Expectations, Learning Skills and Work Habits in terms of Progressing Well, Progressing Very Well or Progressing with Difficulty.

It will be followed up with an opportunity to dialogue with your child’s teacher (Virtual or Phone Interview) to discuss his/her progress and to identify ways in which you and the teacher(s) can work together to support your child’s learning, achievement and goal setting. This will take place next week, between Nov. 24-27th.

This Term One Provincial Report Card will go home in February and contain an evaluation of your child’s achievement of Curriculum Expectations, Learning Skills and Work Habits. This report describes your child’s achievement through letter grades or percentage marks and teacher comments. It is based on the focus for teaching and learning during the period of September to the end of January. You will receive a second Provincial Report Card in June which will provide you with an evaluation of your child’s achievement from February to the end of the school year.

Please take time to discuss this early Progress Report with your son/daughter. Now is the time to take a look at your child’s learning strengths as well as look at next steps so that goals can be set that positively influence the rest of this Term #1 and into Term #2 also.

When completing the response form, you and your child may wish to consider the following questions:

Students – as you look to concluding this term and setting goals … 

  • What is something that you did well this term?
  • What represents your best work this term to date?
  • How do you need to improve this term?
  • What will you do to improve your work or your effort?


  • What area did you notice your child improve thus far in the term?
  • What did you see your child doing well?
  • What steps will you take during the next term to help your child?

A heartfelt thanks to our amazing teachers and staff team!

We also thank you parents, for the support you have provided to ensure the successful learning of your child.


OLOG Staff Team!




no school today

Lust a reminder that as there is a PD Day this coming Monday, November 23rd, there is no school for students and our extended care program is closed also. We look forward to seeing our Gators back on Tuesday, Nov. 24th! Have a wonderful weekend!