Welcome to OLOG website. Our group meets the last Wednesday of each month (schedules permitting) to discuss the needs and concerns of the children of OLOG. Through the efforts of dedicated parent and teacher volunteers, we try to make the children’s learning experience the best it can possibly be. We discuss curriculum and parental concerns and try to address them to the best of our ability. We always welcome new members and we can be contacted through the school. We hope this website adds to your child’s learning experience and helps you, as well, to feel a part of Our Lady Of Grace school community.  Enjoy this website and let it be another tool you can lean on, knowing that your child’s educational needs are being taken care of and your concerns are being heard.


Our Lady Of Grace School Council

School Council Minutes:

School Council – Minutes (2018 10 16) – 1

School Council – Minutes (2018 11 27) – 2

School Council – Minutes (2019 01 08) – 3

School Council Objectives:

To meet the needs of present and future challenges, school councils have been established in all Ontario schools.  The school lies at the heart of every community and the relationship between parents; school staff and the community is witness to the collaborative process involved in educating our children.

  • The advisory role of the School Council is to provide ideas and opinions, to assist the principal and where appropriate, school board trustees in their decision-making on educational issues.  The objectives of The Our Lady of Grace School Council are:
    • To enhance communication between the school, home, church and community;
    • To work collaboratively with school stakeholders (parents, staff, students, board personnel, community members) on;
      • School policy and procedures
      • Programs and services
      • Facilities and equipment
      • Learning and resources
      • Parent/community education
      • Budgeting and finance
    • And to support the school by providing resources to fulfill the mission.

Our Lady of Grace School Council meets regularly and all meeting dates are published in the weekly School Newswire Bulletins.