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Wear BLUE TODAY in support of Autism – World Autism Day is April 2nd

Gators, as you have your breakfast this morning, please remember to WEAR BLUE in support of all students at OLOG and around the world, with Autism. Sorry for the late reminder, today in our schools we will show our support and learn a little more about autism such that we understand and appreciate all members of our community.

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Rock Your Socks – Today is World Down Syndrome Day – Thursday, March 21st

Don’t forget to “Rock Your Socks” today Gators in support of World Down Syndrome Day!

Do you own a wild and crazy, colourful or favourite pair of socks?

Today is the day to be loud and proud to show our support for building a COMMUNITY FOR ALL by understanding that Christ’s presence is in each and every person and that each person (just like the parts of the body 1 Corinthians 12) is important … we are all a part of Christ’s Body. Today we celebrate that while we are wonderfully different, we are all wonderfully a part of ONE BODY or ONE COMMUNITY.

We will collect points for our school Body Part Squads first thing this morning … 

So ROLL UP YOUR PANT LEGS and lets show our support by ROCKING OUR SOCKS! 

AND Remember – Just ONE MORE SLEEP Until our Awesome “GATOR FICTION FESTIVAL” … get your favourite “fictional character costume” ready to go for dress-up on Friday, March 22nd – a super cool day is planned!

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Parent Safety Bulletin – Very Concerning “Momo Challenge” and Online Safety Tips for our Students

Background: The Momo challenge started in the summer of 2018 and has been linked to several social media platforms, such as YouTube, Minecraft, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. The scary photo associated to it is of a sculpture that was on display in a Tokyo gallery titled, “Mother Bird”. The gallery, artist, etc. are not associated with the Challenge.
The challenge spreads through Social media, often appearing midway through unrelated YouTube and YouTube Kids videos (Fortnite, Peppa Pig, etc.) to avoid adult detection. It has also appeared in some games (Minecraft, Roblox) through mods and in different social media apps. Users will see the creepy image of “Momo” and will be enticed to contact it through Whatsapp. If they do, they will be sent disturbing and scary images and given “orders” which are often to cause self- harm or even to attempt suicide. Users are threatened if they don’t follow through that they will be cursed, or their family will be hurt. Momo can also be linked to the theft of personal data, harassment, extortion, anxiety, depression and insomnia. As adults, the threat of a curse or something like this may not faze us but it can be terrifying to children. (Peel Children’s Safety Village, 2019)

Sadly, this isn’t the first ‘Suicide Challenge’ out there and it likely won’t be the last. As educators and/or parents, we want to know how to protect our children.

Some great reminders for parents and educators include:

1. Encourage critical thinking no matter what the age: Reports indicate very young children are being exposed to Momo. What we don’t know is exactly how many children have had Momo intrude on a program they were watching vs how many children are talking about it or have checked it out due to recent media attention. Regardless of the answer:

a. Tell them it’s not real: Just like any urban legend or horror story, the concept can be quite frightening and distressing for young people. Whilst this may seem obvious, it’s important for you to reiterate to the child that Momo is not a real person and cannot directly harm them. Also, tell the child to not go openly searching for this content online as it may only cause more distress.
b. Encourage parent-child interaction: It’s important for a parent or carer to be present while children are online. If students report they are online without supervision, discuss the importance of having a trusting adult around. Encourage the student to only go online when an adult is around and to talk to a trusted adult if they see something that doesn’t seem right.
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c. Encourage good choices: It isn’t just Momo we should be worried about as caring adults. Access to violent, dangerous, inappropriate, scary content and cyber-bullying is everywhere online. Discuss what age appropriate content is with the students in your class and why it is important. Also, discuss how peer pressure can sometimes influence our choices and expose us to things that make us uncomfortable.

2. Offer facts to clarify misinformation: Use the background information provided above to help clarify how Momo might occur. Offering accurate information can go a long way with regards to easing any stress or speculation about being targeted by Momo.

3. Encourage healthy coping: Emphasize to students that it is normal to experience periods of stress and mental distress, especially if they’ve witnessed Momo or when it seems everyone is talking about something disturbing. Provide examples of some of the many healthy ways to cope with stress (e.g., engage in exercise, prayer, read a book, listen to music, talk with friends, teachers, parents, enjoy nature, etc.). Explicitly model self-care and healthy coping.

4. Encourage help seeking: Point out that no matter what, if something seems scary or doesn’t seem right, it’s important to talk to a trusted adult. Help students identify who those trusting adults are. They can include: a parent or carer, teacher, principal, priest, coach, counsellor, etc.

5. Re-establish routine when appropriate: If students appear concerned or pre-occupied with the Momo challenge, it’s important to give it the attention it deserves. We know students can’t learn when they’re stressed about something. However, it’s also important to gauge when enough time has been spent on the subject and it’s time to get back to school work. As an parent/educator, you will be able to tell when your student’s have been given enough information and are ready to get back to it! Know the topic may come up a few times throughout the day or even in the coming weeks. That’s ok. Give it some time and move on.

6. Access support if needed: Should we have students who are particularly struggling remember to communicate any concerns with the parent or caregiver and please feel free to talk to reach out to us at the school and we will put you in contact with a member of the Student Support Services Team.

Please see the attached doc. for online safety reminders that will assist our collective efforts to keep our children safe – thanks for your continued support!

Parent Letter – Tips for digital citizenship and addressing Momo Challenge

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NEW Playground @ OLOG – Survey

Your VOICE Matters – New Playground Structure SURVEY


We are inviting all of our students, parents and staff to participate in a very short electronic survey to determine which style of playground the Our Lady of Grace School Community likes the best. Our Playground is very old and although repairs have made it safe for this year, we have been told it must be replaced in the near future.

Our awesome, hard working and proactive School Council continues to make this new playground and our student’s time outside at recess, in the evening or on weekends, the best it can be. In addition to fund raising, we are working on applying to grants that may add financial support or community project. Again, we are grateful for your support and hope you can respond to our survey to help guide our direction in future weeks and months – all of our stakeholders voices matter! Students and Staff will be given an opportunity to respond at school. Thanks for your support!

Please click on the SURVEY link below to respond …



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Important Bulletin – Hold and Secure Today – Nov. 5th, 2018

Parents and Guardians,

The Waterloo Regional Police and our School Staff Team initiated Hold and Secure Safety Measures today during the start of our Lunch Hour. The driver of a stolen vehicle tried to hide in our parking lot while being pursued by another civilian who knew the vehicle had been stolen. The driver of the stolen vehicle hit a number of cars in our staff parking lot as he tried to maneuver the car to leave our school property. Police were a great support and had an officer at the school to assist. As well, we have been updated that a continuing investigation to catch the perpetrator is underway. The Hold and Secure lasted for a period of 15 minutes and we are proud of our students and staff in that just as we have  practiced all of the drills that schools conduct to be safe, everyone knew how to respond and did so in an efficient and timely manner.

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Teletown Hall Tomorrow! Have your Say in Education!

Teletown Hall Promotion from RO Managers_Final (EN) (004) (002)

A letter was just released to our board indicating that a Teletown Hall was happening tomorrow. We want all of our Our Lady of Grace Parents to have the opportunity to have their say in the future of Ontario’s Educational Policy. Please feel free to participate in the discussion at https://www.ontario.ca/form/register-telephone-town-halls-about-education-ontario .
The letter we received today from the government is also attached


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Gator Gab News Bulletin

Gator News Bulletins:

  1. Our Boys 3 Pitch Baseball Tournament scheduled for today (this afternoon) is CANCELLED – it is Postponed to this Friday, Sept. 28th in the afternoon at Wilson Park – thanks parent drivers, players and coaches!

  2. School CashonLine – LAST DAY to order PIZZA – Does your child want PIZZA on Thursday Lunch Days starting next week? Be sure to visit our website Tonight by 12 Midnight to ensure your child is on the list for the month of October. 

  3. Twoonies for Terry – OLOG Faith in Action – Our Community Goal is just $2.00 per student (or a TWOONIE) … this way we will collectively raise over $600 to support our continued fight for life and defeating Cancer … some students or families may wish to donate a little more and this is OK too – we hope to have our money into the school and tallied by tomorrow or Thursday latest. Cancer can be a devastating disease and has touched many of our families. Thankfully, there are many survivor stories and celebrations where our loved ones return to 100% health, but as we know, we still have work to do for others – thanks for your support of this great cause! Go Gators!

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Gator Glance: Week #3 – Sept. 17-21, 2018

Gator Glance: Week #3 – Sept. 17-21, 2018

Monday, Sept. 17th 

Tuesday, Sept. 18th

  • MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT – Family Pizza Social 5;30-6:00 PM …. Then Meet the Teacher/Classroom Visits from 6:00-7:00 PM … Each Person enjoys a FREE PIZZA COMBO (1 Slice of Pizza, apple and water) for all members of your family. Join us,  have dinner and meet your teacher. Thanks School  Parent Council for supporting this special school community event!

Wednesday, Sept. 19th

  • Gator Spirit Day! Break out your Gator T-shirts and Royal Blue Colours … 
  • Our Students LOVE Pizza – Does your child want to be a part of our PIZZA at School Lunch Program this year?  The “School Cash On Line Order” is ready to go for our first day – please go to our website and CLICK on the School Cash tab on our web page and order pizza for your children. If you have questions, please call the office so you do not miss out on getting signed up … Yum!

Thursday, September 20th

  • “WE DAY” – in Toronto – we have an AWESOME group of students inspired by social justice and making the world a better place – Very COOL!
  • Junior Co-ed Soccer Tournament at RIM Park (PM)Go Gators! 

Friday, Sept. 21st 

PA DAY – There is NO SCHOOL TODAY – as our Staff will be participating in a number of Professional Development Opportunities

LOOKING AHEAD – Beyond this week

  • Fire Drill Week is Next Week (September 24-28)
  • FOOD DRIVE Begins – Thanks Giving Food Drive Begins Monday, Sept. 24th – Pick-up Oct. 11th – Thanks for helping us make a difference in the lives of our fellow friends and community members in need!
  • Opening School Year Mass (Sept. 25 @ 10:45 AM in the GYM)
  • Terry Fox Walk/Run Cancer Event (Thurs., September 27th – PM) OR Friday, Sept. 28th (Rain Date)
  • NFL – Nutrition For Learning Morning Breakfast Starts soon – stay tuned for our official start date
  • PIZZA Days – will continue again this year – Be sure to register via SCHOOL CASH-ONLINE – sign up today to be ready for our first Pizza Day
  • Gr. 2 First Communion Parent Meeting 7:00 PM @ Blessed Sacrament Church (October 2)
  • Grade 7 Sacrament of Confirmation Parent Meeting 7:00 PM @ Blessed Sacrament Church (October 3)
  • Opening School Mass @ 10:45 in the GYM – Oct. 5th
  • First School Council Meeting of 2018-19 will be Tues., October 16th @ 6:30 in the Library – See you there
  • WCDSB Pilgrim Cross Arrives at OLOG – Oct. 19th
  • School Picture Day (October 24)
  • PD Day – October 26th
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Gator Spirit Day Tomorrow – WEDNESDAY, Sept. 12th

Reminder … Our Gator Spirit Wear Day is tomorrow!

  • Don’t forget to get decked out in our Spirit Wear T-shirts from last year, previous years or simply WEAR CLOTHING with our SCHOOL COLOURS of BLUE and WHITE … see you tomorrow Gators!
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Gator Gab: Week #2 – Sept. 10-14, 2018

Gator Glance: Week #2 – Sept. 10-14, 2018

Monday, Sept. 10th   

  • ALL JK/SK’s are at School today and from this day forward – these students are a small but MIGHTY group of learners!
  • Our “Meet the Teacher Night Information and PIZZA Order Form” goes Home Today with the oldest or only child in each family – let us treat your family to supper on Tues. Sept. 18th – FREE PIZZA COMBO for each family member

Tuesday, Sept. 11th

  • Important Student Information and Consent Package are DUE – Two Classrooms have ALL of their FORMS in and have one a little PRIZE – Congratulations Mr. Amorim’s Gr. 7’s and Mrs. Renda’s Gr. 2’s! Another classroom winner will be announced. Parents please send in ALL your completed forms in the Student Information Package by today.

Wednesday, Sept. 12th

  • Gator Spirit Day! Lets get decked out in our Spirit Wear T-shirts from last year, previous years or simply wear the sky blue colours of our Gator Sports Teams … we have an AWESOME community so lets let them all KNOW it!

Thursday, September 13th

  • School Parent Council Nomination Form Due to Office by Monday, Sept. 17th . Please print the attached Council Nomination Form and send in with your child to hand in to the office – OR – Call the Office to indicate you will need a form sent home. Sharing your time, ideas, and energy makes a BIG Difference for our Gators! A Special SHOUT OUT to last years council who did an AWESOME job and concluded their minutes for the year this past week. Thanks!
  • School Council Nomination Form – OLOG Gators 2018-19

Friday, Sept. 14th

  • School Yard Boundary/Expectations and Terry Fox Kick-off Assembly 9:30 AM

LOOKING AHEAD – Beyond this week… 

  • School Council Nomination Forms to Office by Monday, Sept. 17th
  • Meet the Teacher Night – September 18, 2018 – FREE PIZZA 5:30-6:00 PM and then Classroom Visits from 6:00-7:00 PM
  • Book Fair (Week of Sept. 17-21)
  • WE DAY in Toronto (September 20)
  • PD Day (September 21)
  • Fire Drill Week (September 24-28)
  • Opening School Year Mass (Sept. 25 @ 10:45 AM in the GYM)
  • Terry Fox Walk/Run Cancer Event (September 27th – PM)
  • NFL – Nutrition For Learning Morning Breakfast Starts soon – stay tuned for our official start date
  • PIZZA Days – will continue again this year – the first day will be announced soon – be sure to register via SCHOOL CASH-ONLINE – sign up today to be ready for our first Pizza Day
  • Gr. 2 First Communion Parent Meeting 7:00 PM @ Blessed Sacrament Church (October 2)
  • Grade 7 Sacrament of Confirmation Parent Meeting 7:00 PM @ Blessed Sacrament Church (October 3)
  • School Picture Day (October 24)


Reminder – WCDSB Food Safety Protocols at Schools – Please do NOT send food to school to be shared with other students

Parents, we appreciate your understanding as we continue to monitor the safety of our students. All Ontario schools must monitor and support the medical and /or life threatening allergies of their students. Accordingly, the WCDSB Food Safety Protocols that include both the Nutritional Policy and Anaphylaxis Life Threatening Safety Policy, remind us that we can NOT serve food delivered to the school to other children. Additionally, parents want to make the best choices for determining what their child eats at school. Please contact your teacher and/or the school office to get further clarification if needed. Thanks for your understanding and for helping us keep our students safe!

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